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Why do some businesses survive tight money markets, slow periods, depressions, or emergencies? Because they are liquid; they have the cash to weather the storm. These same businesses, by remaining liquid, have the ability to take advantage of an opportunity because they have the cash available to make the deal.

Equipment generates no greater profit by ownership. Use and employ your cash where it will help generate further profit. Make your equipment pay for itself through LEASING.

Keep your bank line and cash available for opportunities or emergencies. Use leasing for equipment acquisitions.


Advantages of Leasing
  • Flexible Lease Terms
  • Utilize Tax Savings
  • Improves Cash Flow
  • Smaller Capital Outlay
  • Preserves Bank Credit Line
  • Simplify Your Cost Accounting
  • Gain More Production
  • Expand Your Operation

Why businesses lease equipment:
Different businesses lease for different reasons. Some of the most prevalent reasons for leasing are:
  • Flexible Payment Plans
  We offer annual, semi-annual, quarterly, or farm/seasonal payment options that are designed to fit your cash flow needs. Regardless of changes in the market, your payments will stay the same during the term of the lease.
  • Leasing Frees Your Cash
  The down payment money, or the value of your trade-in, can be made available for other investment purposes.
  Leasing Does Not Tie Up Your Credit
  If you are paying on a loan at a bank, your ability to secure credit for other purchases is affected. Leasing does not affect your line of credit.
  Simplified Tax Records
  Many businessmen and professionals like the simplified record-keeping that leasing provides. This is very convenient at tax reporting time if rentals are claimed as an operating expense. We suggest you consult with your accountant to determine your tax advantages from leasing.
  Lease With An Option To Buy
  If you feel that you may want to purchase the equipment when the lease expires, you can stipulate that option at lease inception. Your purchase price will be set at the time you lease. However, if you later decide you do not want to purchase the equipment at lease end, you may return the equipment.

Reap the Benefits of Leasing... from the best in the field!

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